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Customer Love

Thank you so much for my 10 beautiful hats! As always, they are even prettier in person. I'll try hard to give a couple as gifts, as intended  -Theresa D

(on website post...) Not sure if I love your handmade or your snappy banter more! Damn funny, good read every time  -Mel W

You have the best shit!  -Kimi P

I wore my new hat today to my son's cross country meet and a lady came up and asked me about it!!! You make amazing things!!!  -Karen G

They are hella good goods! -Erica B

I can't wait to visit you at craft fairs this fall! Basically the thing I missed most from covid lockdown  -Maren L

What would fall be without a new Yarnival hat??!? I don't dare find out!  -Shannon M

...always makes me smile.
Libby K

These hats are super cute and warm!! More beautiful in person! Just got my first one last week. 
April M

Love these hats and everyone should have one! 
Caroline M

You and your hats are the bomb.
-Sara T

So, so, so fun!!! 
Becky T

Your hats are so very cool pieces of art! Wow!
Lori H

I love all of your merch. Especially the sweary merch. -Angela S

You are amazing and inspirational and I love all your stuff. Thank you for never giving up on your dream. -Karen G

Write a book. Your words are always hilarious. I read them twice. -Mel W

Yarnival is my fav. Thanks for keeping me and my peeps warm. -Karen G

I need to get my daughter a hat so she stops trying to steal mine. -Lissa K

My favorite hat of all time. -Michele F

Yarnival makes the best items. You can't help but love. -Ronda H

love my ring! I got "wanderlust" last fall and it still looks amazing, and it's so small you forget you're wearing it!! -Amber K

You have the BEST vibes!! -Stacey H

Can you put "in Yarnival you can trust" on a hat tag? I'd buy that in a heart beat! -Jenna R

EVERYONE wants my hat! -Sara J

Saw your mom today. She yelled, "Hey! I know you!" Clearly I'm a lover of Yarnival. Love all your new stuff this year! -Emily J

I love everything! Thank you for the scarfs and cuffs I was able to pick up yesterday. Your booth is the one I look forward to at every Art on the Kinni! 
Rebecca L

So. Flipping. Cute. -Mindy R

These hats are seriously the BEST! I wore mine yesterday and got tons of compliments. Thank you! -Sara J

Thank you so much, Leah!
I'm pretty sure I need hat therapy!  -
Theresa D ...yarn...things! Who am I kidding? -Laura F

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