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Who Are We?


I'm Leah. 40 something years wild. Midwest family gal with a fabulous husband, daughter Aubrey, and son Luke. I love tap dancing, sauvignon blanc, blank canvases, the summer, the winter, and the color orange.

My mom is Jodi. She loves appetizers, pool parties, Tom Petty, getting her hair did, all things yarn, my dad, and the color purple.

We are Yarnival.


Crochet has been in our family for four generations. From Vy to Jodi to Leah to teenage Aubrey, we've been loyal to the fiber arts and lucky to have loved ones that support us in our quest to create.

Early on, we were all about yarn. But over time the yarnie things moved a bit over for new making adventures. We dabbled extensively, to the point of perfection, with metal, clay, graphic design, printing, and pressing.

Now, our current lines include: salty tea towels, decals, dainty jewelry bowls, hand stamped secret message rings, leather cuffs made from second hand belts, wrapped beaded bracelets, and printed canvas tote bags. When the cool season comes round, we still stay true to our roots and serve to the masses our classic handmade winter hats with jumbo handmade poms.

A decade and a half in, and we are still going strong and growing. Yarnival is now a fixture at the summer farmers market in Hudson, WI. We also travel and pop up shop at about two dozen large shows per year in the Midwest, from Milwaukee to Omaha. Between our in-person events, this website, and our wholesale accounts, we are Busy with a capital B. And I can't think of a single other job that would make me as gosh darn happy as Yarnival does. 

Always scheming and dreaming, we are passionate and particular about our products. We hope you find them unique, witty, and feisty in addition to being quite practical and comfortable.

Thanks for reading, browsing, liking, loving, supporting Yarnival. 

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