I'm Leah. 30 something years wild. Midwest family gal with a fabulous husband, daughter Aubrey, and son luke. I love tap dancing, sauvignon blanc, all things yarn, the summer, the winter, and the color orange.

My mom is Jodi. She loves appetizers, pool parties, Tom Petty, getting her hair did, new crochet patterns, my dad, and the color purple.

We are The Yarnival.


Crochet has been in our family for four generations. From Vy to Jodi to Leah to little Aubrey (who's 9), we've been loyal to the fiber arts and lucky to have loved ones that support us in our quest to create.

I have a Master's in education, spent a few years teaching 7th grade Math. And i loved it, put my heart and soul into it. Then, enter my beautiful babies. I am just not a person that could achieve simultaneous greatness as a teacher and a mother. Thus, I chose the latter. Any free seconds were spent dabbling with yarn. My mom has always been a wicked crocheter. But our closets were bursting with afghans. Thus, we redirected her efforts to rocking accessories. Between the two of us, we made a few dozen things, entered a craft show. The next year we made more things, entered more craft shows. And so on. Every year we learned a ton and grew a little...and now we have a busy, colorful small business.


The Yarnival does about a dozen large shows per year in the Midwest, from Milwaukee to Omaha. We have the most amazing customers that respect handmade and support local folk. 1000 of them kindly follow us on Facebook. And now, we've proudly laid claim to an online shop that we can build, nurture, love, and call our very own - our next chapter.

Always scheming and dreaming, we are passionate and particular about our products. We hope you find them unique, fun, and feisty in addition to being quite practical and comfortable.

Thanks for reading, browsing, liking, supporting The Yarnival.