Cool Blue Polka Dot Headband
Our Georgia Headbands (named after my über cute, spirited niece) are sweet, stretchy, happy accessories. We have embellished the right, one-size-fits-most headband with flowers made from otherwise-would-have-been scrapped fleece and recycled t-shirts. Need a little something extra in a gift bag? These fit the bill. Stocking stuffer? Right here. Photo sess? Boom.

And, they are not just for kids! Georgias are my go-to gym hair accessory. I toss it in the wash post-workout and launder normally with other clothes.

The Yarnival ~ Handmade Happiness <3

Cool Blue Polka Dot Headband

    • who doesn't love polka dots?
    • upcycled flower
    • soft & stretchy
    • fits 3 yrs - adult
    • cotton/lycra band
    • fleece/cotton flower
    • charming & unique